The field of computer science is so large and diverse that I always find something new to study. Luckily I like learning new computer skills that I can prepare for the future. Most of the books that I buy these days have something to do with programming. But occasionally I buy random books be it fiction or science.
Above is my random book I like, What if? by Randall Munroe



I used to play tonnes of games in my spare time. I have cut down considerably (at least from my university times) :) But I do sped few hours a week in online world with my friends I play League of Legends, Diablo 3, and some games that I buy from Steam. But these days I mostly play PUBG I also have great interest in making games at events like Global Gaming Jam.



I do try to keep a healthy life. I work out from time to time and like to take my bike to go to places. This is a picture of me on some random mountain in Spain where I walked over 900km just because.